GII Litter vom Himmelbogen

Gator vom Himmelbogen
Gator vom Himmelbogen 2023

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Breeder: Ken Gill cell – 515 240 3789
Location: Ackworth, IA . USA

Drahthaar Breeder: Ken Gill – 515 240 3789
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Vroni III vom Spanger-Forst
DOB: 12.08.2021, 248473
Brsch, 9/10, 63/65
VJP 74 Points, 11 nose, 11 search, 11 point
HZP 223 points 11 duck, 11 nose, 11 track, 11 point, 11 cooperation
Showed 25th at 2022 Hegewald
VGP 1./334 Points ÜF
HD-A/OCD/ED free
HN, btr

Sire: Nox vom Wilstedter Moor 
DOB: 27.06.2021, 248246
Brsch, 10/11, 64/66, 
ZR Nr-021/21
HZP-192/222, 12 Search Behind Duck, 26th place Hegewald 2022
VGP-Pz II 328 UF, 4h Independent Water Search, 4h Use of Nose
HD-A, OCD and ED frei 

Puppy trot

GII vom Himmelbogen Deutsch Drahthaar litter 2023
Deutsch Drahthaar litters, pups and dogs. vom Spanger-Forst
Vroni III vom Spanger-Forst
Nox vom Wilstedter Moor Deutsch Drahthaar
Nox vom Wilstedter Moor

2023 vom Himmelbogen Deutsch Drahthaar Litters and News

We hope that all of you have had a prosperous 2022 with great prospects for 2023. Tinka vom Himmelbogen continues to mature and has settled to be a great dog worthy of her mother Lucy vom Himmelbogen and grandmother Biene vom Varnhöveler. Hof. One of our favorite hundin Hummel vom Vinxtbachtal will deliver her last litter early in February. She has always been a confident drahthaar with a playful part. Especially when able to reach a pear or two off the tree. A number of her pup owners have likely seen a pick of Hummel at play running the yard tossing a pear.
Chilli attracted strong interest and has moved to a new owner. She has tremendous hunt skills and style and is showing both in her new home.
We have added two new dogs to the kennel containing strong known and less well known lines of the Deutsch Drahthaar world. Olfi vom Loxterhof has been bred and is due early in February as well. Website Lars has a gentleman’s bet that Hummel will deliver first. Mainly because he has mistakenly placed the E2 litter title twice now. Stay tuned.
We will soon put up a page for Vroni III vom Spanger-Forst. Briefly though, her testing scores are as follow, VJP 74, HZP 223 & VGP 334. Vroni’s HZP score was done at the 2022 Hegewald and placed 25th.
Both dogs have performed so well under testing pressure but have been at rest and calm since recently arriving in Iowa. Welcome Olfi and Vroni.