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Anticipated 2023 Deutsch Drahthaar Breedings

Tinka vom Himmelbogen

Breeding likely to occur early autumn 2023
DOB – 21/10/2017;
ZB. Nr. 235643;
Brsch, 8/10, 58/59, ZR# – 455/17
VJP – 71, 10 nose, 11 track
HZP – 172, o.Sp. 10 duck
HD-frei – A
OCD-frei – Yes
ED-frei – Yes
vWD-frei – Yes DNA

Tinka’s grandmother was brought over from Germany and along with Tinka’s mother produced many fine hunters. An excellent nose, piercing stare and no quit attitude is just part of the reason Tinka is a 3rd gen vom Himmelbogen.

Prospective Deutsch Drahthaar 2024 Breedings

Olfi vom Loxterhof

DOB: 20.01.2021, 245690
Brsch, 10/11, 60/62, ZR# – 229/21
VJP 74 Points, 11 nose, 11 track
HZP 183 Points, o.Sp. 11 duck 
VGP I./ 336 Points ÜF
HD-A/OCD/ED frei
HN, Btr., AH*, sl,
*The Armbruster Halt Award (AH) {Armbruster Haltabzeichen}

A right sized agile hunter with excellent cooperation and drive.
The Armbruster Halt Award earned at the German Hegewald is not often awarded.

Vroni III vom Spanger-Forst

GII vom Himmelbogen Deutsch Drahthaar litter availability 2023!
DOB: 12.08.2021, 248473
Brsch, 9/10, 63/65
VJP 74 Points, 11 nose, 11 search, 11 point
HZP 223, m.Sp., points 11 duck, 11 nose, 11 track, 11 point, 11 cooperation
Showed 25th at 2022 Hegewald
VGP 1./334 Points ÜF
HD-A/OCD/ED free
HN, Btr

If a single pic and testing info could tell you all you needed to know about a dog, then Vroni’s would do the job.
Coupled with a touch larger size, demeanour and need to get things done this dog will fit right in here.