New dog at vom Himmelbogen Kennels

Litter expected approximately May 19, 2024. Home approximately July 07, 2024.

Zenta IV v.Böckenhagenhas been bred to
Nox vom Wilstedter Moor 
DOB: 27.06.2021, 248246
Brsch, 10/11, 61/63
ZR Nr-250162
HZP-192/222,12 Search Behind Duck, 22th place Hegewald 2023
VGP- Pz 1,332 UF, 4h Independent Water Search, 4h Use of Nose
HD-A, OCD and ED frei 

Placing 22nd at the 2023 Hegwald was only one highlight of this dog’s 2023. Zenta IV v.Böckenhagen has recently arrived at her her new home in Iowa.
She is settling in very well and adds exceptional quality to the bloodlines within North America.
More information is available here.

Zenta & Ken