III Litter vom Himmelbogen (i2)

Arrived Jan 31, 2024!!
Location: Ackworth, IA . USA

All pups placed

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III Litter vom Himmelbogen (i2)

Olfi vom Loxterhof scored a perfect utility score, a 74 in VJP and earned the Armbruster Halt Award. Training plays no small part, but the dog has to be there.

Deutsch Drahthaar Breeder for 40 years
Ken Gill – 515 240 3789
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Olfi vom Loxterhof
DOB: 20.01.2021, 245690
Brsch, 10/11, 60/62, ZR# – 229/21
VJP 74 Points, 11 nose, 11 track
HZP 183 Points, o.Sp. 11 duck 
VGP I./ 336 Points ÜF
HD-A/OCD/ED frei
HN, Btr., AH*, sl,
**The Armbruster Halt Award (AH) {Armbruster Haltabzeichen}

Sire: Dude II vom Wiredhaus
Apologies. I/Lars used the wrong image
for Dude II. Thank you to the person who noticed.
DOB: 24.01.21, 245753
Brsch, 7/11, 66/67
VJP – 76 (12 in Use of Nose)
HZP – 2022 Armbruster(5th) – 191 (performance points only)
HD – A
VGP – pending

** The Armbruster Halt Award is granted when a dog demonstrates the ability to be obedient on the track of a hare during the VJP, HZP or VGP. The dog is whistled to the DOWN position when it sights a hare. After the hare is out of sight, the dog is released to track it and must demonstrate at least a GOOD track. The dog must demonstrate obedience on every hare it has seen during the test, and must be 20 m from its handler at least once.

Olfi vom Loxterhof of vom Himmelbogen Kennels
Deutsch Drahthaar female located Iowa, USA
Olfi vom Loxterhof
Dude II vom Wiredhaus corrected

** What does a planned breeding mean? This means that a stud has been chosen, approved and booked. Taking into account the health of our dog and the regulations of the VDD-GNA a breeding will hopefully occur within the timeframe listed.

HII litter vom Himmelbogen

All pups placed.

Arrived! Jan 09, 2024
Please contact by form or cell re deposit on other planned 2024 Litters.

Breeder: Ken Gill cell – 515 240 3789
Location: Ackworth, IA . USA
40 years breeding Deutsch Drahthaar pups

Ranch or dog work may require you to leave a message.
Please do, we will get back to you. Thank you

Dam: Tinka vom Himmelbogen
DOB – 21/10/2017;
ZB. Nr. 235643;
Brsch, 8/10, 58/59, ZR# – 455/17
VJP – 71, 10 nose, 11 track
HZP – 172, o.Sp. 10 duck
HD-frei – A
OCD-frei – Yes
ED-frei – Yes
vWD-frei – Yes DNA

Sire: Nox vom Wilstedter Moor 
DOB: 27.06.2021, 248246
Brsch, 10/11, 64/66, 
ZR Nr-021/21
HZP-192/222, 12 Search Behind Duck, 26th place Hegewald 2022
VGP-Pz II 328 UF, 4h Independent Water Search, 4h Use of Nose
HD-A, OCD and ED frei 

H2 female Drahthaar pup, 4 weeks