AĪĪ Litter vom Himmelbogen

Chilli v Teuberschlag pointing deutsch drahthaar

All AII pups placed
Mid 2022 may be Chilli vom Teuberschlag’s next litter.
Contact for more information.
Breeder: Ken Gill cell – 515 240 3789
Deutsch Drahthaar dog and pups for sale

This will be Chilli vom Teuberschlag’s first litter. Ken Gill of vom Himmelbogen has bred Deutsch Drahthaars since 1983, this will be the kennel’s 27th litter.
All Drahthaar litters have the possibility of being special.
Chilli ran the complete set of tests in her first year of eligibility
including an excellent showing at Germany’s premier HZP,
the Hegewald. Vico’s stud results, hunting and testing are well known
and speak for themselves.
Performance breeding.

Dam: Chilli vom Teuberschlag
DOB:04/06/18 ZB-Nr 237438, Braun mit abz, 9/10, 58/60
VJP-76, HZP-193(water 12), Hegewald 220(water 12) VGP-2/318ÜF
HD(A) OCD and ED free

Sire: Vico IV vom Donaueck
DOB: 14/03/12 ZB-Nr 219297 Brsch, 11/11, 66/66
VJP-75, HZP-193o.SP., VGP-1/336ÜF
HD (A) OCD and ED free

Z Litter vom Himmelbogen

Hummel vom Vinxtbachtal Deutsch Drahthaar Z Litter

Z Litter vom Himmelbogen
Arrived: March 13, 2021. All pups spoken for. Thank you
Breeder: Ken GillLocation: Ackworth, IA . USA
Pups will be registered, chipped, tatoo’d, etc before going home.

Dam: Hummel vom Vinxtbachtal
DOB: 11.05.2015, 228748,
Schwsch, 10/10, 62/62,
VJP-68, HZP-163 o. sp./211
Hege m.spHD (A), OCD and ED free
Sire: Vico IV vom Donaueck
DOB: 14/03/12 ZB-Nr 219297Brsch, 11/11, 66/66
VJP-75, HZP-193o.Sp., VGP-I./336ÜF
HD (A), OCD and ED free

Z Litter vom Himmelbogen.

Deutsch Drahthaar pups