Z Litter vom Himmelbogen

Z Litter vom Himmelbogen
Arrived: March 13, 2021. All pups spoken for. Thank you
Breeder: Ken GillLocation: Ackworth, IA . USA
Pups will be registered, chipped, tatoo’d, etc before going home.

Dam: Hummel vom Vinxtbachtal
DOB: 11.05.2015, 228748,
Schwsch, 10/10, 62/62,
VJP-68, HZP-163 o. sp./211
Hege m.spHD (A), OCD and ED free
Sire: Vico IV vom Donaueck
DOB: 14/03/12 ZB-Nr 219297Brsch, 11/11, 66/66
VJP-75, HZP-193o.Sp., VGP-I./336ÜF
HD (A), OCD and ED free

Z Litter vom Himmelbogen.

Deutsch Drahthaar pups

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