Last Pick. Leftover? Words not to be used with a Drahthaar litter.

I am putting this quick note up re something that Ken said to me in one of our first meetings. He said “they are all good pups”. I nodded. You know, that nod when something sounds correct, especially coming from a breeder with decades of experience. That acknowledgement you give, especially when it doesn’t cost you much. I was a mid litter pick equipped with all my research on how developmentally at 7 weeks some pups within the same litter could be days apart. So on paper, or mentally i knew that last pup standing was more about buyer preference in how coat may develop, sex, observed temper on that day.
But as a few pups get cut out of the pack it is kind of hard right? Not so much in the hey, that’s the one that will be best on ducks, or that’s the one that came to me first or gee that pup over there has never come to me and if that’s the one ask to take is it going to be like the aftermath of that grade 9 dance?
But to my point. Zorro vom Himmelbogen, aka Rip. A buyer had a change of situation and this little guy was what some folks would call last pick. Couple weeks after the other pups had gone to their new homes this guy was ripping it up chez vom Himmelbogen. A buyer noticed a posting for Zorro. Checked info like you would for likely any pup, contact breeder, look at papers, parents and in this instance knew someone that knew of breeder Ken’s breed program. Came picked up the pup and pretty much to my knowledge has had more varied hunts at less than a year’s age than I’ve generated for my pup in the last couple or three years! Great owner, great pup, great combo. The pup picked last is excelling. Are other pups, very likely.
I guess what I’m saying, and you’ve likely guessed, they are all good pups.
Rip, aka Zorro vom Himmelbogen is the product of Hummel vom Vinxtbachtal X Vico IV vom Donaueck, a great Deutsch Drahthaar breeder, a great owner and system that helps Deutsch Drahthaar pups to all be good pups.

Quick side note. Repeat breeding. Litter C2 is due end of February, 2022. Rip / Zorro is out of Z litter vom Himmelbogen

I am a 2016 R litter vom Himmelbogen buyer that breeder Ken Gill has refused to shake. I keep calling, showing up for a training day, help with a post here or there and generally try to do a little vicarious breeding without crossing the nuisance line. Well not too often anyways.